Xlash Eyelash Conditioner

The next eyelash conditioner on the list is the Xlash. This eyelash conditioner has the role to stimulate lashes to grow long and healthy.

The effects can be achieved after 8 weeks of systematic use, which is quickly. Unfortunately, after that, time lashes shed very quickly and they go back to their natural length. Although Xlash do work on lashes making them appear longer, many users do surer from numerous side effects. The most popular ones are eye puffiness and itchiness. Mothers-to-be, breastfeeding women are not recommended to use the Xlash eyelash conditioner.

In addition, those who just underwent any kind of chemotherapy is strongly discouraged to use the Xlash.

After using this eyelash conditioner systematically for 12 weeks we can see that lashes are longer but not necessarily thicker


  • is easy to apply
  • thickens lashes


  • causes many side effects
  • causes lashes to shed when the treatment is finished

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