Eyelash Conditioner and eyebrows – choose the best one!


Hello, My name is Kate. I am a make-up blogger who is fascinated with natural beauty products. Up until my third grade I was not wearing makeup but it all have changed when I started spending more time with my aunt who is a beauty technician. She showed me how amazing art of makeup can be. My aunt is famous for her long, fat lashes. These are 100% her own. She has tested all kinds of eyelash conditioners that she could get and she was an expert in that field. I was very curious about her results and I started experimenting with them myself. I then followed her professional path and became the beautician. Now I am the one who gives advices on beauty regime and best products.


The best eye conditioner is the one, which works quickly and effectively. We try to match this beauty product according to our expectations. Before you purchase an eyelash conditioner, familiarize yourself with its ingredients and make sure it is safe for your eyes and the skin around it. Compare prices as more expensive does not always mean that the product will be more effective. On the other hand, very cheap eyelash conditioners may do not meet the required standard. It is important to take a closer look at the product we are about to buy, on its applicator and the formula. If you can, get the sample of it to test if the application is easy and that it does not cause any technical problems. The best eyelash conditioners do have a pointy brush applicator that distributes the product directly on the lash line. This way you are sure that the lash follicles are well nourishes and that the lash growth process is accelerated. Before using it the first time read the leaflet that goes with it and check what are the precautions and potential side effects.


For the eyelash conditioner to work its best, it need to be used systematically. The application ought to be carried out usually at evenings, ideally before bed. The average eyelash conditioner treatment time lasts 3 months and after that time, the product just maintains the effects we have achieved earlier.
Depending on the eyelash conditioner, but the first results should be visible after the first 4 weeks of use. Most of the eyelash conditioners strengthens lashes and enhance their length and thickness. Some products may also make your lashes appear darker and shiner.
The way we apply the eyelash conditioner is extremely important. Most of eyelash conditioners have a tiny, pointy brush that we use the same way we would apply the liquid eyeliner. We should run the applicator directly on the upper and lower lash lines and wait for the formula to dry. The serum is absorbed through skin into the lash follicles where it provided them with nourishment and hydration. If you want your lashes to be glossy, you should choose the eyelash conditioner with the mascara-like brush which will distribute the formula on the length of lashes.


The way the eyelash conditioner works depends on two things: ingredients and the application method.
Before you apply the product, make sure that your skin and lashes are clean of any makeup or creams. Dry the wet damp with the cotton towel before putting the eyelash conditioner on. For the active agents to be fully absorbed, the skin has to be pure clean. You lashes are going to grow long and thick on the condition that the eyelash conditioner’s formula is rich in essential vitamins and peptides. Creatin and vitamin E promotes lash length whereas Aloe Vera and green tea soothes skin and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Nanolash eyelash condtitioner

The first eyelash conditioner that deserves recognition is Nanolash. It is very popular eyelash enhancer in the US and since recently, it can be also purchased in Europe. Nanolash can be used by anybody who would like to improve the condition of one’s lashes without suffering from any side...

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Lashcode eyelash serum

Lashcode eyelash serum One of the top-rated eyelash serums. Its effectiveness is what makes this lash serum appreciated by thousands of women worldwide. Lashcode helps us realize that stunning lashes are within our reach – we just need to take good care of them. Lashcode eyelash serum supplies lashes...

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The next product that is widely used in the UK is the Clinique Lash Building Primer. It is not the eyelash conditioner, which is supposed to enhance lashes but rather the mascara base. The main role of the Clinique Lash Building Primer is to strengthen lashes and protects them...

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URLASH Eyelash conditioner

The next on the list is the UrLash eyelash conditioner. This product comes in a black tube and it has a precise applicator, which evenly distributes the serum on lash line. The UrLash can be purchased online and the price is not high, as it costs no more than...

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PROLASH + Eyelash conditioner

Good results can be achieved when using the ProLash+ eyelash conditioner. The ProLash+ formula is based mainly on natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, and peptides that play a crucial role in the lash growth cycle. Numerous tests carried out in independent laboratories have proved that ProLash+ is gentle to...

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FEG Eyelash conditioner

Feg Eyelash Conditioner is one of the most popular product used in Westen Union. Feg is highly recommended for those who lost their lashes due to lash extensions. According to the producer, Feg eyelash conditioner makes lashes appear thick and dense after a couple of weeks of systematic use....

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L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum is very popular as it is easy accessible; it can be purchased in any drugstore across UK. This effective eyelash conditioner is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals. Most of the eyelash conditioners contain vitamin B5 as it plays very important role in stimulating hair...

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Eyelash conditioner IDOL LASH

The next product that increases the length of lashes is the Idol Lash Conditioner. It is on the market for a couple of years already and it is widely recognised in the US. The producer promises longer and thicker lashes in only 2 weeks’ time. It is important to...

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Xlash Eyelash Conditioner

The next eyelash conditioner on the list is the Xlash. This eyelash conditioner has the role to stimulate lashes to grow long and healthy. The effects can be achieved after 8 weeks of systematic use, which is quickly. Unfortunately, after that, time lashes shed very quickly and they go...

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TALIKA LIPOCILS- Eyelash conditioner

The next eyelash conditioner that is prized by women who wear lash extensions is the Talika Lipocis. All French products are known for their high quality and the Talika do match this profile. It does not have a traditional pointy brush but the mascara-like one. The serum is supposed...

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REALASH Eyelash conditioner

Great nourishment and extra eyelash care are the representative features of Realash eyelash conditioner. Ingredients like glycerine, officinalis flower extract, arvense leaf extract and many other high quality substances are responsible for the nutrition of eyelashes. What is more, Realash composition is also able to lengthen eyelashes. Although the...

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XLASH PRO Eyelash serum

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is recommended for almost everyone, regardless his or her skin type, age or sex. However, people who are not advised to benefit from the cosmetic are the following: the young who have not yet reach maturity as well as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding....

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M2 LASHES Eyelash serum

M2 Lashes eyelash serum is closed in a smart and well-made package of black colour. In fact, the package may be associated with a perfume’s box. The bottle in turn resembles an ordinary mascara. What is more, it stores 5 millilitres of the liquid contributing to eyelash growth. The...

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NEULASH Eyelash serum

Neulash eyelash serum is destined for taking care and rebuilding short, weak, breakable and damaged by cosmetic treatments (henna, false eyelash attachment, improper make-up removal) eyelashes. What is more, the cosmetic is also recommended for women and men who happen to lost their eyelashes as a consequence of being...

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QUICKMAX Eyelash serum

Quickmax eyelash serum is destined for extension, density improvement, and general condition enhancement of eyelashes. Both, women and men can benefit from the product, although there are some exceptions concerning people who are not recommended to use the eyelash serum. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding women, underage as well...

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LILASH Eyelash serum

Lilash eyelash serum is recommended for people who are the owners of weak, damaged or with tendency to falling out eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is content with Lilash manner of working. In fact, the eyelash serum is not good at eyelash extension nor density improvement. All that can be...

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LATISSE Eyelash serum

Latisse is recommended for women who would like to have longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes. The product is favourable mainly because of its fast manner of working. The truth is, Latisse might be perceived as a fairly specific eyelash serum. The manner of Lattise application differs from the way...

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RAPIDLASH Eyelash conditioner

Rapidlash eyelash serum is destined for short, thick, and weakened eyelash care. It is sold in a silver, slender bottle that can be mistaken for a mascara. The capacity of the bottle equals 3 ml, which is just the right amount of the cosmetic to cover a 6-month treatment....

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HAIRPLUS Eyelash conditioner

Eyelashes extension, density improvement, and easy application – these are the main features of Hairplus eyelash conditioner. Suffice to apply it once a day, no matter if the cosmetic has a chance to be absorbed in the morning or in the evening. Although, the time of application is up...

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