XLASH PRO Eyelash serum

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is recommended for almost everyone, regardless his or her skin type, age or sex. However, people who are not advised to benefit from the cosmetic are the following: the young who have not yet reach maturity as well as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. When it comes to those who have undergone severe diseases, or are being treated by a dermatologist or an optician, should consult the willingness of Xlash Pro application with a physician.

What is the manner of Xlash Pro eyelash serum application?

The product has to be put on every evening, most preferably at bedtime, only on make-up and any other cosmetic free eyelid skin. What is more, one has to be sure that the eyelids are completely dry. When the surface is prepared for the upcoming cosmetic, one can distribute Xlash Pro firstly on upper eyelash line and then on lower. The application should not cause any difficulties since the brush provided makes dosage of the product easy. Furthermore, the cosmetic does not run down into eyes and therefore, does not cause irritations. Suffice to draw a single line with Xlash Pro to supply eyelashes with necessary nourishing substances.

Estimated time of the complete course of the treatment is set around six months. The first three months should be devoted to everyday Xlash Pro application, whereas the another part of the treatment should focus also on Xlash Pro application but only three or four times per week (just for the gained outcomes’ sake.) At first place, eyelashes become regenerated and strengthened. These are less vulnerable to either damages or falling out. The succeeding months are characterized by eyelash growth, density improvement and darkening of eyelashes’ colour. Unfortunately, such changes do not last long – the effects of Xlash Pro treatment fade away after approximately two months.

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is closed in a plastic bottle that stores 3 ml of the cosmetic. The bottle in turn is sold in a slender cardboard box. What is more, despite the eyelash serum, the box stores also a leaflet that describes, for example, substances used in Xlash Pro’s composition. In fact, the product’s main ingredients are, for instance, coralloid extract as well as plant and fruit extracts.


  • recommended for everyone (with some exceptions)
  • fast and easy application
  • strengthens and extends eyelashes
  • natural substances


  • allergy sufferers should not use the eyelash serum
  • high price
  • treatment’s outcomes wear off quickly