What makes the eyelash conditioner worth its price – packaging?

How many times did you happen to buy a beauty product just because it has a pretty packaging? I bet that not once. Would you buy the eyelash conditioner because it looks nice? The situation here is slightly different.

When we try to pick the blush, or a lipstick the packaging may be very important factor that can convince you to buy the product. With any kind of eye cosmetics, we are more careful and we put the safety first.

Skin around the eye is very sensitive and we do not want to take a risk that something wrong may happen.

When choosing the eyelash conditioner we tend to go for classy, elegant packaging. We like when the product is sealed which means that it has never been used before. The worst thing that may happen is purchasing eye shadow from a stationary shop go home and then discover that someone was fiddling with it before.

Additionally, packaging in vibrant colour, made of cheap plastic make us quite suspicious regarding the product itself. We avoid tacky packaging and we pick something with toned, neutral colours.

Eyelash conditioners’ producers do their best to gain their potential customers trust. Most of those products comes in elegant tubes and boxes that do not seem overwhelming of intimidating.

Does the packaging influence our shopping preferences? To some extend yes. However, it it does not play such important role when we choose the eye care products.