URLASH Eyelash conditioner

The next on the list is the UrLash eyelash conditioner. This product comes in a black tube and it has a precise applicator, which evenly distributes the serum on lash line. The UrLash can be purchased online and the price is not high, as it costs no more than £30+ shipping. The UrLash consistency is in a liquid form and there is no fragrance to it, which makes it a perfect beauty product for those who do not like the strong scent.

The UrLash application takes no longer than 1 min if you use the eyeliner daily.

The producer recommends applying the UrLash once a day on both upper and lower lashes lines. As the skin stays quite sticky for another 10 min from application, it is best to use it at evening, before going to bed. The UrLash treatment is supposed to last for at least 2 months. After that, time lashes are much stronger and healthier. In regards to their thickness or length, they do slightly improve but the defence is not a huge one.


  • strengthens lashes and make them shiner
  • extends lashes life phase
  • makes them slightly longer
  • has a safe, natural formula


  • does not work on everybody
  • is available online only
  • does not influence lash thickness

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