QUICKMAX Eyelash serum

Quickmax eyelash serum is destined for extension, density improvement, and general condition enhancement of eyelashes. Both, women and men can benefit from the product, although there are some exceptions concerning people who are not recommended to use the eyelash serum. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding women, underage as well as those who have undergone severe health problems should resign from applying the cosmetic.

The first effects of Quickmax treatment are noticeable after approximately six weeks of systematic use.

The ultimate results can be observed after four months of regular Quickmax application. Such positive outcomes take a form of stronger, slightly curled, regenerated and less prone to damages and falling out eyelashes. (Deteriorated condition of eyelashes is the result of, for example, cosmetic treatments conducted in a beauty parlour or strong make-up removal.) When it comes to eyelash extension, this effect is not obtained fast and, to make matters worse, it is hard to notice.

Quickmax eyelash serum should be applied every evening, as long as one gains the effect s/he wants to obtain. When the outcomes are satisfactory, the eyelash serum can be put on less frequently (twice or three times per week is enough). The product has to be distributed using a brush provided. Basically, the eyelash serum has to cover eyelash base of upper and lower eyelids. The great advantages of Quickmax are, for example, it is absorbed fast, does not leave any marks on eyelids and does not run down into eyes. However, if the product somehow reaches eyeballs, then these have to be rinsed with warm water immediately. In a case of irritation occurrence, it is advised to discontinue the treatment. When the discomfort increases and becomes painful, one has to visit a doctor (a dermatologist or an optician).

The eyelash serum can be recognized by its bright yellow bottle containing 5 ml of Quickmax. This amount lasts for a six-month eyelash treatment. Furthermore, the phial storing the cosmetic is put into a cardboard box that is characterized by comfortable and practical manner of opening.


  • package
  • strengthens and takes care of eyelashes
  • effortless application
  • efficiency


  • may cause irritations
  • insufficient eyelash extension
  • pricey