PROLASH + Eyelash conditioner

Good results can be achieved when using the ProLash+ eyelash conditioner. The ProLash+ formula is based mainly on natural ingredients including hyaluronic acid, and peptides that play a crucial role in the lash growth cycle.

Numerous tests carried out in independent laboratories have proved that ProLash+ is gentle to the skin and safe for eyes.

On the ProLash+ website we can read that the lashes are going to be much longer within first 3 weeks of use. Indeed, lashes do grow longer but it takes them minimum 12 weeks. The first change can be observed after completing the first month. Lashes are a bit thicker and lesser of them fall out when removing the makeup. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, lashes are being rebuilt and they appeared thicker and fuller. There in not many baby lashes growing in and the thickness comes from the old lashes being nourished and properly hydrated.

This eyelash conditioner can be used on both upper and lower lash line just the way we apply the liquid eyeliner. ProLash+ is not available in stationary stores or pharmacies. The only place we can get it from is online. Unfortunately, there are many versions of faker ProLash+ eyelash conditioner so it is important to buy it directly from the producer.


  • rebuilds the lash structure
  • makes lashes thicker and shiner
  • provides lash follicles with deep hydration and balanced nourishment


  • does not influence lash length as much
  • is not available in shops