Nanolash eyelash condtitioner


The first eyelash conditioner that deserves recognition is Nanolash. It is very popular eyelash enhancer in the US and since recently, it can be also purchased in Europe. Nanolash can be used by anybody who would like to improve the condition of one’s lashes without suffering from any side effects.

Nanolash ought to be used only once a day on a clean and dry skin. To get the best results apply Nanolash on the upper eyelash line before going to bed. Try to put the serum where the lashes meet the skin so that the active agents can easily penetrate to the lash roots. The applicator is quite small and pointy and the formula is liquidity, which makes the treatment pleasurable and quick. If the skin is prepared, Nanolash is absorbed within two minutes without leaving a greasy or sticky film on the lid. The treatment lasts 5 weeks, but the first results can be observed within 14 days of systematic use. Once the treatment is finished, it is good to use Nanolash twice a week to maintain the results so that lashes continue to grow long and strong.

Nanolash dramatically enhances the lash growth and it extends the lash life phase.

Lashes become stronger, healthier, and glossier after the first month of use. On average eyelashes increase their length by 58% and we can observe 30% more baby lashes growing in the first month of the treatment.

Nanolash is safe and it does not cause any adverse effects contrary to many eyelash conditioners. The product is rich in moisturizing flower orange and mango and horsetail extracts.

The eyelash conditioner comes in a classic, matte bottle in a black colour. The shiny, silver letters on the tube make the product looks classy and by no means tacky.


  • lengthens and strengthens lashes
  • promotes new lashes growth
  • works amazingly quick
  • is free of any side effects
  • can be applied easily and effortlessly
  • comes with handy and precise applicator
  • is packed in a sealed, cartoon box for hygienic reasons


  • Nanolash is required to be used systematically for 5 weeks

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