HAIRPLUS Eyelash conditioner

Eyelashes extension, density improvement, and easy application – these are the main features of Hairplus eyelash conditioner. Suffice to apply it once a day, no matter if the cosmetic has a chance to be absorbed in the morning or in the evening. Although, the time of application is up to the user, it is necessary to follow some basic rules. In a case a cosmetic is applied morning, one has to do it on clean and dry eyelid skin. As soon as Hairplus eyelash conditioner gets absorbed, one can continue everyday makeup routine.

When one prefers applying the cosmetic at bedtime, then, the complete makeup has to be precisely removed.

Due to natural composition consisting of vitamins, peptides and plant extracts, the product should not irritate. What is more, the precise applicator limits possibilities of putting the brush into the eye as well. However, when some discomfort appears, it is advised to rinse the spot with water and hold Hairplus application till all irritations disappear. Discomforts can be relieved but not the shock caused by Hairplus price. The product is fairly expensive. One can also be discouraged by the inscriptions put on bottle’s surface. These simply make hands dirty due to wearing off.


  • Doubles length
  • Improves density
  • Natural composition
  • Precise applicator


  • High price
  • Wearing off inscriptions of the bottle