FEG Eyelash conditioner

Feg Eyelash Conditioner is one of the most popular product used in Westen Union. Feg is highly recommended for those who lost their lashes due to lash extensions. According to the producer, Feg eyelash conditioner makes lashes appear thick and dense after a couple of weeks of systematic use. The Feg eyelash conditioner is rich in bioplast, a medicated ingredient widely used to cure glaucoma. There are some potential side effects associated with overdosing bioplast. The most common adverse effect is changing the colour of the rim of the eye.

Eyes become permanently darker and this effect is irreversible.

Feg eyelash conditioner is popularized as the as the only eyelash conditioner which not only increases the length of lashes but it also provides lash darkening and curling. Tests show that lashes are slightly longer but no lash darkening or curling effect has been confirmed. Contrary to many eyelash conditioners, Feg has a gel like consistency and surprisingly there there are no problems putting it on the lash line. Feg does not make lashes grow thicker but it does lengthens them a bit.


  • makes lashes stronger and healthier
  • improves the condition of the lashes
  • can be used also for sparse brows
  • slightly increases the length of lashes


  • has many fake equivalents
  • does not make lashes grow thick
  • does not promote new baby lashes growth
  • minor side effects including redness