Eyelash conditioner IDOL LASH

The next product that increases the length of lashes is the Idol Lash Conditioner. It is on the market for a couple of years already and it is widely recognised in the US. The producer promises longer and thicker lashes in only 2 weeks’ time. It is important to realize that lashes do not grow overnight and this kind of statement may be misleading to most of the potential customers. The tests have shown that Idol Lash Conditioner makes lashes longer and slightly thicker when used continuously for no shorter than 10 weeks.

The first results however can be observed within 5 weeks since starting the Idol Lash treatment.

Lashes become stronger and shiner; lesser of them fall out when removing the makeup. We apply the Idol Lash in a traditional way- directly on the lash line once a day. There is no need to put this eyelash conditioner twice a day, as it will not speed up the whole growth process. In the tube, there is 5 ml of the product that lasts for 8-9 weeks if used only on the upper lash line.


  • makes lashes thicker and stronger
  • makes lashes less prone to breakage
  • nourishes lashes from inside out through their lash follicles
  • gives a nice shine to lashes
  • is not expensive


  • does not make lashes much longer
  • causes side effects including eye itchiness and mild burning sensation on the lid

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