Are eyelash conditioners safe?

When we decide to purchase an eyelash conditioner, we look into the safety issue very closely. We would like the product to work as promised but it needs to be safe and gentle to our skin as well.


Most of the eyelash conditioners have a tiny, pointy brush with the help of which we apply the serum on the lash line. The consistency of the product is usually liquidity or gel like and it should not run into the eye. It is of prime importance that we are very careful when using the eyelash conditioners as they are for the external use only. If the product accidentally gets into the eye, it may cause eye irritation, redness or it may give you a burning sensation. In that case, rinse your eyes with plenty of lukewarm water. If the issue persists, contact your GP to get further advice.

Another type of applicator resembles the mascara-like brush. Those eyelash conditioners are much safer, yet less effective. The brush should coat lashes with the thin, invisible layer of serum without making them stiff and without leaving white residue on them. Regardless of the application method and the shape of the brush, each eyelash conditioner can be used on brows if needed.


The eyelash conditioner tube ought to be closed tightly so there is no air access to the product. Avoid using the eyelash conditioner on infected eye as it may lead to the bacteria growth inside the tube and it may spread the infection onto the other eye. Keep in a dry, cool place, away from kids’ rich.

Who cannot use the eyelash conditioner?

Most of the products do not cause any side effects, are safe to use by women and men. However, pregnant and breastfeeding woman as well as those who undergo chemo/radiotherapy should avoid using eyelash conditioners. If you are not sure if the product is safe for your skin, test it by putting a tiny amount of the serum on the back of your wrist. If you develop any kind of reverse effect, do not use the product on your lashes as your skin will more likely react the same way.